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We offer range of First Aid Training products
First Aid Disposables
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First Aid Kits & Immobilization Devices
We offer a comprehensive range of First Aid Kits and immobilization devices from collars, stretchers and so much more.
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Government Regulation First Aid Kits
Regulation 3 or 7 available in various boxes or bags to suit your requirements
Fire Safety Products
Our range includes fire extinguishers, safety signs, blankets and burn treatments
0.5ml Syringe with 29G Fixed Needle
R 139.96
100% Silicone Foley Catheters
R 38.95
1ml Syringe with Needle Attached (100/Box)
from R 123.95
1ml Syringe with Needle Attached (Singles)
R 1.40
3M Micropore 12mm X 10m
R 22.95
3M Micropore 24mm X 10m
R 36.95
3M Micropore 48mm X 10m
R 69.95
3M Micropore 72mm X 10m
R 129.95
3M Skintone Micropore 12mm x 9.1m
R 23.95
3M Skintone Micropore 24mm x 9.1m
R 38.95

We offer Bespoke Kits to meet you exact requirements.

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