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Emergency Medical and First Aid Products

    996 products
    URIT HB Meter Test Strips (50 Strips per Vial)
    R 979.95
    UT100 Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
    R 6,999.95
    Vaseline 50ml
    R 10.95
    Veroval Wrist Mobile Monitor Blood Pressure Meter
    R 869.95
    Vicks Acta Plus 50ml Cough Syrup
    R 38.95
    Vicks First Defense 15ml Spray
    R 176.95
    Vicks Vapor Rub Jar 45g Baby
    R 52.95
    Vicks Vapor Rub Jar 90g Baby
    R 94.95
    Vinyl Gloves (100/Box)
    R 199.95
    Vital Immune Support (30 Tablets)
    R 107.95
    Vital Immune Ultra effervescent 10’s
    R 73.95
    VivaChek Blood Glucose Test Strips (50/Box)
    R 219.95
    VivaChek Ino Glucometer - No Strips Included
    R 229.95
    Vomit Bag
    R 3.95
    Water for Humidification 325ml
    R 59.95
    Water Purification Tablets (50/Pack)
    R 32.95
    Wheelchair - Steel/Nylon - Extra Wide with Detachable Arm/Foot Rest
    R 4,789.95
    Wheelchair - Steel/Nylon with Fixed Arm/Foot Rests (Basic Model)
    R 2,999.95
    Wheelchair - Steel/PVC with Detachable Arm/Foot Rest
    R 2,629.95
    White Gumboot (Pair)
    R 149.95
    White Gumboot (Pair)
    R 239.95
    Wintergreen Ointment 25g
    R 7.95
    Wintergreen Ointment 500g
    R 89.95
    Wooden Tongue Depressors - 10/Pack
    R 3.25
    Wooden Tongue Depressors - 100/Pack
    R 29.95
    Wooden Trauma Board - Adult - SABS/ISO9001
    R 1,229.95
    Wound Cleaner - Cetrimide Solution 1%
    from R 6.95
    Wound Simulation Kit
    R 3,589.95
    Wrist and Palm Support
    R 11.95
    Wrist Watch Cover (100/Pack)
    R 299.95
    Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 100mm x 5m
    R 30.95
    Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 12.5mm x 5m
    R 5.95
    Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 25mm x 5m
    R 10.95
    Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 50mm x 5m
    R 18.95
    Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape 75mm x 5m
    R 27.95
    Zip Stretcher - SABS/ISO9001
    R 389.95
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