Sonoline B Fetal heart doppler LCD display 3mhz Probe



Sonoline B Fetal Dopper With LCD Display


Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler is a hand-held obstetrical unit, which can be used in hospital, clinic and home for daily self-check by pregnant woman.It contains components of ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, analog signals processing unit, FHR calculating unit, LCD display control unit etc.Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler is a high performance model with (fetal heart rate) LCD digital display. It has 3 work modes: real-time FHR display mode, averaged FHR display mode, and manual mode .It has audio output and can be connected with earphone or recorder with audio input. 

Main Features

◆Battery status indicator ◆Low power inspection of the battery ◆Built-in speaker ◆Output for headphones ◆The probe can be changeable ◆Probe inspection ◆Backlight ◆Auto shut off ◆Standard:2M straight probe ◆Two pieces of standard 1.5V alkaline battery available which can work no less than 10 hours

Main performance

◆Anti-electroshock Type: Internally powered equipment ◆Anti-electroshock Degree: Type B applied part ◆LCD Display: 45 mm × 25 mm ◆FHR Measuring Range: 50 BPM ~ 240 BPM (BPM: beat per minute) ◆Resolution: 1 BPM ◆Accuracy: ± 2 BPM ◆Power Consumption: < 0.8 W ◆Voltage: DC 3.0 V ◆Power Supply:TWO 1.5V(AA size) alkaline battery ◆Suitable Using Range: Suitable for use after the 12th week of pregnancy ◆Auto Shut-OFF: After 1 minute no signal, power off automatically


◆Nominal Frequency: 2.0 MHz ◆Working Frequency: 2.0 MHz ± 10% ◆Ultrasound Output Power: P < 10 mW ◆Ultrasonic Output Intensity:Isata < 5 mW/cm2 ◆Negative Peak Sound Pressure : p_ < 0.5 MPa ◆Working Mode: Continuous wave doppler ◆Effective Radiating Area of Transducer: 208 mm2 ± 15%

Physical Characteristic

Dimension: (L) 135 mm × (W) 95mm × (H ) 35 mm Weight: About 180 g (including batteries) Qualification Passed FDA and CE

Certifications From CONTEC Medical systems:  

CE & ISO certification