Essential First Aid - Manual for Southern Africa (Paperback, 2nd Revised edition)

Essential First Aid: Manual for Southern Africa Second Edition has been updated to bring the material in line with the current unit standard. In so doing, this new edition provides you with everything you need to know to act effectively in medical and first-aid emergencies. Written by a team of experienced Red Cross first-aid trainers, the manual teaches you to recognise emergency situations and medical conditions, and guides you in providing first-aid treatment. Essential First Aid 2nd Edition is the only book currently endorsed by the South African Red Cross Society. There is a greater need for first aid training as the population grows and communities are required to help themselves. It is imperative that everyone is able to give emergency care in the home, at work and during times of leisure – this may save a life!

The first aider has the opportunity to reach the casualty in the golden hour – the 60 minutes following an injury or sudden illness. This is the vital time in which correct first aid must be carried out and medical assistance called to save lives and promote recovery. To learn first aid, enrol at your nearest South African Red Cross Society centre.

Contents Include:

Module 1: The principles of first aid
Module 2: Action in an emergency
Module 3: Elementary anatomy and physiology
Module 4: Multiple casualties and injuries
Module 5: Major first-aid techniques
Module 6: The recovery position
Module 7: Asphyxia
Module 8: Wounds and bleeding
Module 9: Shock
Module 10: Burns
Module 11: Environmental conditions
Module 12: Bites and stings
Module 13: Poisons
Module 14: Dressings and bandages
Module 15: Fractures, dislocations and soft-tissue injuries
Module 16: Spinal injury
Module 17: Moving the casualty
Module 18: Emergency Childbirth

Of Interest and Benefit to:

• Anyone who wants to keep a first-aid book in the home, office, classroom
• Levels 1 - 3 First Aid courses
• First aid courses run in nursing colleges and medical schools

Key Benefits:

• Updated to include new sections on Anatomy and Physiology and Emergency        Childbirth
• CPR protocols completely up-to-date
• Each module has a self-assessment and scenario section
• Each module has a signs, symptoms and treatment feature
• Variations for infants and children
• Over 200 illustrations
• Simple and clear language, user-friendly design