Cardio First Angel

Cardio First Angel:

The first minutes after a cardiac arrest are vital essential! Only an accurate cardiac massage can save the patient, secures the his viability to the ambulances arrival and prevents long-term damages. But to give an effective cardiac massage is – especially for unexperienced first-aider – a big challenge. Where to place your hand , how hard and how often to push? The Cardio First Angel eliminates exactly these insecurities, so everyone can give an efficient cardiac massage – every time...

Ideal applicability

Without any electricity or battery – purely mechanically – is the Cardio First Angel always on standby. Its applicability is shown in uncomplicated and international comprehensible icons.

Ideal positioning

The specific design of the Cardio First Angel guarantees the correct positioning on the patients breast, so the cardiac massage works exactly where it is needed. A special foam creates a soft contact surface and absorbs sudor.

Ideal effort

A special spring signalises the perfect pressure of 41 kg with a clear click-sound. The click-sound is also audible with the following release of the spring. If the first-aider is geared to these two click-sounds he will automatically reach the required frequency of round about 100 compressions per minute.